TrenchTalks are progressive learning events aimed at health care professionals who have slept through enough plodding scientific conferences to know that concluding “more research needs to be done” is not clinically useful.

Interactive and inspirational, TrenchTalks empower clinicians to efficiently and confidently provide meaningful patient care by distilling actionable knowledge from the noise of vague research findings and torrents of often impractical treatment guidelines.

Top experts — who also happen to be engaging, motivating speakers — lead participants through a rigorous overview of the diagnosis and treatment of complex disease states. Through interactive presentations and meaningful audience discussion, TrenchTalks allow physicians to ask the most burning clinical questions so conspicuously absent from the majority of conferences and journal publications: “so what?” and “what now?”

In short, what you learn at a TrenchTalk today, you can put into practice tomorrow. 

Who should attend?

Simple: All allied health professionals who treat patients at the primary care level, who value their time, and who want to tangibly improve their ability to manage complex conditions. 

What’s in it for attendees?

Also simple: Quickly learn real-world applications of evidence and clinical experience from key opinion leaders who have already fought the battle on the front lines. Step up your game, meet the experts and share your experiences in a single, stimulating one-day event. No bias, no hidden agendas, fully accredited content developed and vetted by renowned experts — TrenchTalks are the shortest, straightest line to improved patient outcomes.