Who produces TrenchTalks?

TrenchTalks are the brainchild of some like-minded professionals who (as physicians, speakers, attendees, marketers and knowledge translation experts) have been continually underwhelmed by their first-hand experiences with most continuing medical education events. We think it can be done differently – CE can and should be informative, transformative and, heck, even an enjoyable way to spend a day. 

How do you develop your content? 

Each discussion is rooted in the best available evidence and the clinical experience of the presenters, who are among the best in their profession as both health practitioners and speakers.The people speaking on the stage are the people who engineered their talk, with collaboration and input from their fellow speakers and the core TrenchTalks team. 

You're a private company. How do I know your speakers are objective?

Here's how we bake in some good-ol' fashioned objectivity and independence into our talks: We select a topic of interest to our audiences (based on their feedback), and then hunt for the best possible speakers. They put together their slides and discussion outline together according to our secret recipe for success, and we select cities and venues. Then, and only then, we begin the hunt for sponsors we think would be a good fit for the topic.

What is the role of sponsors?

TrenchTalks sponsors demonstrate that they understand health professional’s urgent need to stay abreast of emerging evidence, streamline patient care services and be effective in an ever-changing healthcare environment.  While the content of each TrenchTalks event is developed and approved solely by our expert panels,  sponsors' support in the form of unrestricted grants allows us to keep TrenchTalks audiences small, to attract the best speakers and to hold our events in venues a little outside the norm – because we all believe in creating a learning atmosphere unlike any other.

Are TrenchTalks accredited? 

Where possible, we aim to submit all TrenchTalks for Mainpro M1 accreditation. We aim at all times to be awesome.

The  accreditation  process takes time, and so we can't always know far in advance which talks will be accepted, and for how many credits. We will post regular updates on our site.

Where are TrenchTalks held?

TrenchTalks are held at premium meeting venues selected for their convenience, comfort and class. Each clinical series consists of one-day events held in three Canadian cities, which will rotate depending on demand and opportunity. 

Do I have to book in advance? Can I register on-site?

We have been very deliberate about keeping TrenchTalks intimate to foster dialogue and networking among speakers and our guests. This means our maximum attendance is roughly 120 attendees for each day long session in each city. We choose premium venues and caterers for each TrenchTalk event – we want you to enjoy your experience – and so fire code restrictions and planning requirements for caterers mean advanced bookings are a must. 

We think you will find it worthwhile. Don't forget, we offer the best speakers around. Plus, we have instituted the science and health care community’s first ‘No Rubber Chicken Lunch Policy.’ 

What’s your refund policy on purchased admissions?

Again, TrenchTalks aims to be a different kind of CE event, offering unique sessions in an enjoyable atmosphere and some of the best talks you’re likely to hear versus the typical scientific conference circuit. While you don’t pay more for a TrenchTalk than you would for other types of CE (in fact, it’s even less in many cases), our events cost more to produce. 

For these reasons, we are only able to offer a full refund for 24 hours after registering, after which no refunds will be given. You can, however, transfer your ticket to another person - just email us at info@trenchtalks.com or call 613-700-5534 and we will arrange to have a new ticket issued.